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Nationality United Kingdom
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Twitter @glamourstars

These are my rates:

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$3.80 per minute $2.20 per minute

I offer these levels:

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Tease ? Topless ? Nude ? Explicit Nude ?

I offer these Extras (for Club Members only) [?] :
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Duration Level Details Extras Fee
10 mins 3 I love dominatrix. I’m your goddess and you are my pathetic little Slave. I want to put you in your place and show you what you deserve. You are not a real man and never will be. Come join me and watch me destroy your life. I love Findom, cuckold, Chasity, blackmail, humiliation, worship and many more. 40.00 credits

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What do you like most about being a model?
I love trying new things all the time! I'm always looking to be challenged and excited by something and modelling allows me to! I love the different roles I can be, whether it be innocent and shy, or confident and sassy!

What do you think is your best feature?
My green eyes and my personality.

What are your hobbies and interests?
I am a gym addict it makes me feel amazing keeping in shape. I like to read books and i love to travel. I am also obsessed with shoes a woman can never have enough shoes.

What three things do you really love?
Shoes Chocolate Animals

What three things do you really hate?
Ugly shoes A flat phone Violence

What is your favourite outfit, item of clothing or underwear?
Latex Mini dress is my favourite outfit it looks super hot and its super short. Its very CHEEKY if you ask nicely i might let you see for yourself! I also love just chilling in a comfy tracksuit but always with sexy underwear so i still feel sexy.

If you won a million what is the first thing you'd do?
If I won a million, first of all I would buy my mum a castle as she deserves to live like a Queen! I would give lots to animal charities to as i love animals.

What is your favourite food & drink?
I love Indian food and seafood and Thai food and Chinese food and food food food i am a massive foody! Porn Star Martinis are sooo nice but i also like a nice pint of cold Larger!

What is your favourite film?
The Business is one of my favourite films but i love a good Horror to!

What is your favourite type of music?
I literally love every genre of music from the Beatles to funky house,Garage,60s,70s,Trance,Pop,MJ i can carry on all night i love music! I have a treble clef tattoo as that is the beginning to every song.

What turns you on?
People who are comfortable with themselves. There is nothing more attractive that a guy who knows what hes wants and gets it. Along with honesty which is very rare nowadays! Not cocky that is a massive turn off!

What is your favourite flirting technique?
I would say with me its all about laughter and smiling always a winner.

How would a man (or woman) win your heart?
The way to win my heart is to just make me smile, make me laugh! Then you can begin to make me feel special and compliments are always good. I like to get to know people first tell me all about yourself? I find openness really attractive.

What do you look for in a man (or woman)?
Someone who is very open, down to earth, can make good conversation and have a laugh. Does not take life to serious i love a good joke do you?

Do you have any celebrity crushes?
To be honest i am not into the celebrity crushes i prefer someone who is not in the limelight.

Share a naughty secret with us?
You really wanna know?

Do you have a personal motto or mantra?
1 life live it to the full and treat how you want to be treated.

If I wasn't doing this, I'd probably be….?
Washing the dishes.

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